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Hear what Vicki’s clients have to say…..

“The day I attended Vicki’s workshop, my stress level was at least a 9.  After our session it was down to a 2!  Thanks Vicki!”  – Glen Lexa – Lexa Consulting and Keep In Touch Solutions

Working with Vicki has literally changed my life!  Vicki is kind, intutive and will lead you to a peace inside that is remarkable.  Your world will be a calmer place.  Invest an hour to see what it is about…… she’s worth it!”  – Sandy McDaniel, Meridian, ID – Parenting SOS

“I had a GREAT time at Vicki Hurst’s EFT event this morning! It was very informative and a lot of fun at the same time! Thank you Vicki for sharing your knowledge with us! Greatly appreciated! I recommend this to anyone seeking to understand and improve their life in any way, on any level!”  – Beverly Wise – Beauty and Bling, Meridian, ID

“10… count them… 10 whole hours of deep, sound sleep last night! AMAZING what results have been achieved after having just 2 EFT sessions with you. I am so blessed and grateful that our paths have crossed! :D”  – Julie Larsen – Professional Business Coach and Certified Bob Burg Go-Giver Coach, Boise, ID

“The tapping definitely worked for Tucker (age 9).  Thank you.  Friday evening we ended up not going to the show at the kids school.  We offered to get the exact same show from Red Box and a Pizza.  Tucker was amazing.  He didn’t throw a fit at all.  I was shocked.  I told Scott that we were witnessing a miracle.  It was great!!! Thank you so much!”  – Debbie Gibbons, BridgeTower Chiropractic, Meridian, ID

“I met Vicki by chance a few years ago and by chance, talked to her again in June.  It was a huge turning point in my life.  I had undergone two neck surgeries, a fusion and removal of bone spurs due to a fall.  I was living with chronic nerve pain in my left shoulder, neck and down my left arm.  I have permanent nerve damage.  I had tried so many things, massage, physical therapy, steroid injections among them.  Vicki introduced me to tapping and I have had dramatic results and relief from my pain since I began tapping with her help.  I am so grateful for finding her and tapping.”  Judy Baker, Vale, OR

“Vicki is amazing.  She is humble in her approach and technique.  She has an uncanny ability to draw out of you those emotions that are blocking, impeding and stopping your emotional progress.  I would highly recommend her to anyone that is stressed, anxious, depressed, in pain or just out of sorts.  I have nothing but respect for her patience and approach.  I work with her, and so should you!”  – Ryan Earl – Earl and Earl, PLLC, Boise and Nampa, ID



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