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2013 Tapping World Summit

I am really excited!  Tonight the 2013 Tapping World Summit begins at 6pm (MST)!  It was the Summit back in 2011 that got me seriously started on my journey as a ProEFT Practitioner and it has changed my life!!  I had been introduced to tapping before then, but this is what really pulled me down the path of doing this professionally.  If anyone is reading this, I want to encourage you to go to this site: Tapping World Summit 2013 and register for the event TODAY!  There is also a special offer on the registration page for you to get the unlimited recordings of the Summit.  That’s what I did in 2011.  And as a disclaimer, I am an affiliate of the Summit, but I don’t care one way or another if you buy the recordings or not.  I just want people to be exposed to this energy therapy that can make such a difference in your life.

Tonight has EFT Master, Carol Look speaking on “Ending the Self-Sabotaging Behaviors That Block Success” and Nick Ortner (one of the creators of the Summit) speaking on “How to Create an Abundant and Fulfilling Financial Future Through Tapping”.  Both great subjects I think.  Through the week some of my other favorite EFT practitioners will be speaking, including my Trainer and Mentor, Lindsay Kenny.  There’s Brad Yates, Margaret Lynch, Patricia Carrington, Rick Wilkes, Pamela Bruner, Steve Wells, and a few others I don’t know as well.

This is going to be a great event, and it’s FREE unless you want the recordings and workbooks.  The recordings are up for free for 24 hours after each presentation.

Take the time…… It will be well worth the investment!!

Hello Everyone!!

I am soooo excited to get started with my own website and blog!  This is a new and exciting part of my journey!

I thought I would start out by sharing the story of my journey and how I got to the place I am at now as a ProEft Practitioner.

Most of my adult life, I had the blessing of being a stay at home mom, raising my 4 children.  I also did a home day-care for about 10 years, and when my kids were older, I got to work part time at my children’s elementary school as a First Grade Aide.  After 11 years of that, I had the opportunity to take care of our first grandchild, and then 2 more grandchildren came along and I got to take care of them too.  But alas…. They grew up.  The 2 oldest were going to school full time, and they didn’t need me anymore. And the youngest moved with his parents to Portland.  That wasn’t so fun.

At about the time that I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up, my good friend Jill Transtrum told me about a business she had started.  Unfortunately it was a Network Marketing business, and I NEVER wanted to be involved in something like that, having been burned in a couple of them in prior years.  But from what I could see, it was a rock solid company with anti-aging products that are scientifically sound and couldn’t be beat anywhere else, so after a lot of prayer and soul searching, I jumped in.  I became a NuSkin Distributor, and began working the business.  It was a wonderful thing.    But NuSkin also triggered every self-doubt and insecurity I had.  So I started working on the self-development part, which led me to a good friend who was working as a counselor that did bio-feedback.  It was from her, that I started learning about our bodies energy and how it is measurable and how we put out these vibrations and scientists are able to measure them…… Yeah, all that stuff.  I knew I felt something from other people and just didn’t know that was what it was!!

One day, when I came in for my appointment, Kathleen (the counselor) was all excited and told me she had learned this new thing the night before.  It was called Tapping that supposedly works with the energy system in our bodies and knowing that I’m pretty open, she asked me to try it with her.  Naturally I told her I was game to try it.  So we did it.  It was weird but it did have a relaxing effect.  Hmmmm…  I took the paper home with me to keep doing it, but being the dedicated person I’m not, I set the paper down and didn’t do it much.  Maybe one or two more times.

In the meantime, I still wasn’t doing as well as I wanted to with my NuSkin business.  I HATED making any calls, I felt like I was paralized in moving forward.  I LOVED the products and saw so much good happening with people that used them, but I HATED asking people to take a look!!  That is not good business.  If I were a brick and mortar store, my store would have been closed most of the time!  I’m a natural when I talk to people, but it was so unnatural to talk to people about my business.  That is definitely not good for business.  So I kept searching.  I knew there had to be some magic bullet out there.  I couldn’t be the only one with this problem!

As I searched, I read books, (Brian Tracy, John Maxwell, Kevin Hall, David Blanchard, Steven Covey, Harvey Mackay, Jack Canfield, Bob Burg, James Allen, Og Mandino, Darin Hardy) and they all had wonderful positive, inspiring messages, but no magic bullet.  Darn it!  I listened to ALL the company training calls (6 days a week) and went to ALL the meetings.  I re-listened to many of the calls.  I listened to tons of motivational cds and still no magic bullet.  I was inspired and motivated, but something just was keeping me stuck!!

Through all of this, I kept searching on the internet and one click led to another and I found The Tapping World Summit.  Ohhhh, that tapping thing again!  Well, it was amazing.  I loved listening to the explanations and protocols that the experts shared and tapping along with them.  But I still had that paralyzing thing in my heart EVERY time I went to share my business.  I couldn’t set goals, I simply couldn’t move forward.

So, I kept plugging along.  But I discovered that I couldn’t stop myself from sharing this Tapping thing with everyone I talked to.  They had a problem?  Oh, you should try tapping on that!  It was soooo natural for me to share it.  It felt comfortable, but certainly not like something I could do as a business.  Finally with some big encouragement from my wonderful friends and mentors, Lisa Thorne and Annette Mease, I was able to get the picture that I could be a Health and Wellness Coach.  I would have never thought of that without them.  I had learned a little about the Law of Attraction, and Lisa said to me one day…. “Vicki, you see how the Law of Attraction is working in your life?  People coming to you asking for help with Tapping, people not coming to you without a lot of work for NuSkin….”  Hmmmmm…… Let me think now…..  Yep, I can see that now that you point it out.

Oh, we are funny people aren’t we?

Right at the first of the year in 2012, I listened to a great training by 2 of NuSkin’s top leaders (Dan McCormick and Alan Nagao) reminding us to get our goals set for the year and to write them out as a Definite Main Purpose Statement, as found in “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  I have always procrastinated my goal setting, because I knew I would fail.  I’d get lazy and not do it or the paralyzing fear would kick in and I would drop the ball on the goals.  Well, I decided that this year was going to be different.  This was on Saturday.  On Monday, I was determined to set my goals and write my Definite Main Purpose Statement.  So I sat down with my notebook and pencil and there I sat. Paralyzed.  I felt like I was going to throw up!  Good grief!!  It’s just some stupid goals!!  After making a few lists and doodling a lot, I decided to see if I could find any Tapping protocols that would help me, so I went to 2 of my favorite practitioners at the time that had several videos on YouTube, Brad Yates and Margaret Lynch.  They had protocols alright, but they just didn’t resonate with me.  I didn’t get rid of that nauseous feeling, so I did some more searching on the internet.

Once again the power of one click after another……  This time it led me to Lindsay Kenny, EFT Master,  and her reversals video.  Wow!  It really made sense to me.  The thing is, when I listened to Lindsay on the Tapping World Summit, I wasn’t that impressed!   (Now I’m a groupie!!)  Too bad.  I probably could have saved myself a lot of time, but I was also not ready to learn what I needed at that moment.  Funny how that works.  Nothing happens by accident!  By now it was evening and I was tired, so I decided that I would give it a shot in the morning.  Well, I got up, got my notebook and pencil, did my tapping using the reversal, and BAM! In 2 hours I had my Definite Main Purpose Statement written and ready to go.  I was EXCITED!!!

It was with that one little thing (the goal setting) that I decided that I needed to know more about Lindsay and her way of doing tapping.  I let her know via email what had happened and she invited me on to one of her teleseminar calls the next week about setting goals, which I attended and I began searching her website to learn everything I could.  Luckily, Lindsay has tons of free stuff loaded on her website, and I took advantage of all of it.  And I soaked up everything.  And I couldn’t stop talking about it!!

I was blessed to be able to register for Lindsay’s Ultimate Practitioner Workshop in February, and as part of that I studied her recorded Level 1 and Level 2 webinars to prepare to attend the in person workshop in May.  It was so exciting to be able to study like that and to prepare for live workshop.

When the time came for the 5 day in person Workshop, I felt like a little school girl on her first day of school!  Those 5 days with Lindsay were Amazing!!  There aren’t words to describe how I felt being there!!  I learned so much and felt like a sponge.  Lindsay is a wonderful teacher.  She blends the right amount of humor (she’s a complete crack-up) personal stories and experiences and seriousness to teach her students how to help people get the results they want and need.  She has processes that no one else in the Tapping world use that help the process go faster and easier too.

And that brings me to the here and the now.  I get to share ProEFT (Lindsay Kenny style!) in workshop to help people get started on their journey to emotional freedom and I get to coach some really amazing people, helping them release all those yucky negative emotions that hold them back from being their best selves and excelling in whatever they want to do.  It is so amazing to see the change that happens to people as they experience the release of those negative emotions that they’ve held on to for years and years!  I love being the facilitator of the release.  I’m not the one doing the releasing, it’s the client.  I just get to lead them through the process.  As Lindsay says: “It’s not me, it’s the EFT”.

Amazing!  What more can I say?


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